Networking and Security Solutions

Reduce the cost and complexity of network security.

Secure data, protect identities and build trusted relationships with our range of networking and security solutions that satisfy regulatory compliance and risk reduction and enhance the management and monitoring of heterogeneous platforms and applications.

Monitor performance and availability of your entire IT infrastructure, both physical and virtualized with:

  • Network Routers and Switches
  • Network Security Systems
  • Wireless Access Systems

Network Routers and Switches
Deliver secure data, voice, and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless networks. These routers and switches enable a variety of situation awareness and net-centric applications such as in-vehicle wireless Internet access, VoIP, etc.

Network Security Systems
Analyze risks to your networks and get the countermeasures to reduce your exposure to network threats.
Secure your IT infrastructure, ensure business continuity and enable cost-effective processes while supporting compliance and risk management requirements

Wireless Access Systems
By empowering your network with threat detection capabilities that detect and prevent wireless attacks, our solutions safeguard confidential data and communications. The single user identity and policy also protects against unauthorized access so that your business can function with the confidence that critical business assets and information are secure.
Access networks, information and applications anywhere, anytime. Also access voice over WLAN, guest access and context-aware services and network resources in real time.